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Neal Trekking Guide

Neal Trekking Guide & Porter

Trekking Guide is Main key of your Nepal Trekking and Climbing. Why you need Trekking Guide and Porter for your Nepal Himalaya Trip.

1.  Trekking Guide makes Familiarity with the Trek
Trekking Guide Your guide will almost certainly have already completed the trek, most likely on numerous occasions (guides tend to specialize in one region of Nepal and walk the trails multiple times per year). Maps are helpful but can’t replace first-hand knowledge. Your guide will know the terrain, the time between villages, and the best places to stay when you arrive. An added bonus is that he know people along the trail, which can lead to prime campsites and better rooms in teahouses. There are many trekkers in lodge. Many people order food at same time and  it might take log time to serve your meal. in that case  your trekking guide will serve your meal very fast even you order late.

2. The Language Barrier
You may know a few Nepali phrases but your guide can get the real scoop. For example, when deciding whether to stop for the day or press on to the next village, locals in one village will know how many trekkers have passed through that day, how many campsites or teahouses might be available in the next village, etc. The language barrier in Nepal is significant, especially in the high mountains, and it’s advantageous to have a native speaker available to handle the important communications.

3. Safety
Your guide will have good judgment on a number of issues related to your well-being. Villages at lower elevations tend to be busier, and your guide will keep an eye on you and your belongings. Regarding outdoor safety, your guide will know the routes, conditions, and health concerns, among other things. Hiking in the Himalayas is a serious undertaking and it’s a good idea to have somebody experienced along for the trip.

4. Cultural Insights
Your guide will enlighten you about the cultural significance of the places you pass during the trek. In addition to this information, it’s fascinating to ask about village life, other treks, how Nepal has changed, and so on. Lunch is leisurely and you will have plenty of time to learn more about the country during while waiting for your meal of dal baht.

5. As you know Nepal is mountain countryay
During the travel, sometime can be delay your domestic flight or block the road cause of landside or demonstration. In that case your guide will manage how to reach the  your original destination.

6: Trekking Porter

A Porter carries your equipment for you, and no more. They don't often speak any English. Most can carry two backpacks that they will strap together. But, it's very important you do not take advantage of the porter. They are usually very proud people, and will attempt to carry things that are just too heavy. Which is not good.

We would recommend leaving heavy bags at your hotel, rather than hiring a porter specifically for carrying things you will not need on the trek. That said if you plan on carrying camera equipment such as SLR's and tripod, having a porter can be a great help to free you up.

There are porter/guides too. A trainee guide if you will. They have been porters and are now nearly full guides but may still be working on English, or building their hours up on the trekking routes. They will carry a little less than a full porter.

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