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Nepal Trekking Information

Himalaya Trekking information

Are you Planing Trekking in Nepal, if so Every Trekkers should have something information about the Nepal Trekking that what is trekking,, Type of trekking, what is the permit fee, do you need Guide, Porter, and Good Trekking Company. It is very important to know about Nepal trekking information.

What is trekking?
Trekking in Nepal is most popular activities tourist enjoys. Trekking in Nepal means a walking trip following   trails many of which have been used for centuries. simply walking up and down in higher mountains crossing villages, high passes, dense forest, valleys. Trekking- hiking along the trails that form the main links between Nepal’s isolated villages and settlements is one the country's main attractions. The word trekking was almost unheard of in Nepal until the sixties but many of today's visitors came to Nepal solely. Trekking in Nepal is one of unique and adventurous activities in the world. Normally trekking walk over 18,000 ft. (5.500m) of height where they will enjoy panoramic snow covered mountains.

Why Trekking in Nepal ?
Ghorepani TrekkingTrekking in the Nepal Himalayas is   enjoyable  your trip and has become comparatively easy with the development of lightweight equipment and clothing with booming tourist infrastructure. There are different type of trek, difficult, easy and moderate treks, long and short treks. Vehicles, helicopters and aircrafts are also available to explore the Himalayas according to one's resources, taste and leisure time. But you still find people in remote mountain villages whomaintain the age old traditions and have not changed for generations. There is much that is new and interesting in the Himalayan villages.

The Himalayas, over the centuries, have attracted trekkers, mountaineers, pilgrims and ascetics. Since time immemorial its rugged heights crowned with snow and draped in vast glaciers has lured man to pit his courage and ingenuity against its dangerous challenge. Below the snowline at 18,000 feet, nature appears to relent and from the austere magnificence of the heights brings down to a different world of cascading waterfalls, lush green forests, flower-bedecked meadows and a variety of flora and and fauna. Here the rivers flow clear blue and icy. Here nestle small villages and hamlets with their diverse local customs, dances, folklore and architecture. The people are as vibrant as their surroundings and in many cases innocent of the sometimes dubious benefits of modern civilization.


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